Global Girl Media

UI Design | Brand Strategy

The challenge

The goal in this project was to work on a charity website that had a poor brand voice and could do with a reskin and redesign. We had to develop 2–3 pages of fully responsive pages with a documented style guide.

The opportunity

I chose Global Girl Media, a charity which aims to combat sexism and racism by training young women and girls in journalistic skills, so that in their own words, they can:

‘Change the story tellers so they can change the world.’

Who and how long?

  • 4 weeks in total, 2 of which were spent on planning and designing in Figma, and the other 2 were spent applying designs into Webflow.

  • This project was completed individually.

The solution:

How did we get here?

Branding Questions

Who are we making this for?

  • Socially and politically conscious young women and girls.

  • Activists who want to learn from others

Why are we making this?

  • To promote the organisation in order to engage young women in media and journalism as well and to amplify the voices of those from marginalised groups

What is the brand tone and why?

  • Strong yet approachable and trendy in order to reflect the vision and the target audience, tapping into youth activism that is on the rise.

Who are the competitors?

  • Empoword Journalism


  • Malala fund

Brand Tone:





Brand Personality Scale & Brand Personality Grid

Global Girl Media

Global Girl Media Sounds...

  • Energetic

  • Inspirational

  • Empowering

  • Academic

  • Honest

  • Confident

  • Loud

  • Cheeky

Global Girl Media Looks...

  • Hip

  • Modern

  • Trendy

  • Funky

  • Bold

  • Original

  • Impactful

Global Girl Media Acts...

  • Authentically

  • Conscientiously

  • Adventurously

  • Cutting-edge

  • Courageously

  • Dynamically

  • Innovatively

Colour Palette

Global Girl Media

I felt this vivid contrast gave a fresh and modern feel.


Global Girl Media

Bold illustrations and a style inspired by street art and graffiti incorporates a youthful, cutting-edge and empowering voice and feel, as well as the colours and textures of neon and neon lights.

Font & Logo


Final Prototypes

Global Girl Media

Reflections and Learnings

I achieved my aim of adding a more modern and cutting edge voice to the brand and site, however what I would say is that the more elements I added, the more this perhaps got a little lost. However, this was a good learning for me going forward, as now I know I need to make sure the visual identity doesn’t get watered down beyond the hero section, it needs to be maintained as strong throughout. To do this, I would sketch more as I know this has helped me in other projects.